During the residency this space was open for people to share their thoughts and observations on the residency. Comments were posed to the artists during the weekly Artists’’ Sharings. Both the sharings and public talks were filmed and are available to view on the website.


  1. Alex Murphy says:

    So are these artists coming with their own projects/starting points in mind, or finding a starting point together? Are they being encouraged to work together in some capacity, or simply working in the same space and conversing while they make? The conversations you have whilst in creative flow are fascinating and rich, it will be really interesting to see what comes out of it!

    • Helen Carnac says:

      Hello Alex
      we have begun by finding starting points together. We each brought a suitcase with us full of interests and things that matter in our work and are still discussing these.
      We feel that we are working together – whether sometimes involved in ‘our own’ making processes or by sharing this with each other.
      Helen and Laila

  2. Lucie Sheppard says:

    Now the artists have started the residency, I’m curious to see how the project develops, and in these early stages what snippets of process the artists will decide to capture.

    Then when the artists relocate to the dance studio it’ll be really interesing to see how the conversations may change and what experiences are brought with them from the Crafts centre.

  3. Fliss says:

    Would be interested to hear what the similarities are with regards to practice? Do you both approach creating from a similar starting point? Do your methodologies have commonality?

    • Laila Diallo says:

      To Fliss -


      It is early days yet to reflect on meeting points between our respective practices… We certainly have identify common interests, questions, concerns. We are talking about making/doing as a way of thinking and understanding, we are thinking about the words we are using to describe ourselves and what we do, about categories… amongst many other things. Stay tuned in. Laïla and Helen
      make, about

  4. Katie says:

    I am enjoying seeing your process so far and the images that have emerged. I’d like to ask you if you feel that working together brings out in your practices either more or less of a visual aspect, internal focus, or lead you to completely new experiences and influences? this is quite open question, but I am interested in where this path of being together may lead or is leading you now. Thanks x

    • Laila Diallo says:

      Hi Katie,
      Thank you for your comment and questions. It is very early days to answer them fully but we’ll make sure to keep them in mind. I can only say that I feel the potential for this project to significantly leave its marks on my practice. I guess the ripples could be felt in the very near future or years down the line…

  5. Catherine Fox says:

    I love the idea of two different artists collaborating on a project to see where the journey will take them. I look forward to following their progress.



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