Part One

27 June 2012. Photo by Gorm Ashurst

Let us make the good enough world; that, the deeper path and shelter; in the studio of the hand-held heart; from there out…

From where we stand, we are resident inside the moment of making. Breath first, making that. As if by magic. All else follows, spider passage.

The perspective is as personal as skin. From nowhere is there complete vision.

Watch yourself from the back. As if you are approaching your own being for the first time. As if you are at a table shaping (you are) or leaning out of a window to watch the weather weave itself into your senses.

Enter through the door of music into worthwhile work, by the invisible trail, but felt. Sound shall underscore us.

Heat is present-tense, the only action sometimes. Imagine a spider working it, the temperature, in final glasshouse air. High grass beyond that glass; earth’s green hair unkempt as energy, or precise as the sudden skyfall of a lake. Both latent in the matter of things.

Where do we live but days? Where, but in the gesture, the mark, the common echoed act we always make our own. It was ever thus. The floor, the step, the hand-made day beyond the door.

The word for territory might be path. In this way, process is its own arrival. Roll it out and walk it through. Tear it later. Certain fragments might inform belonging better than any (w)hole. Invent words for the real interior.

Mark time. Do not pay but gift attention. Stretch it out, the spine, the mind that sits in crows’ nest observation. Unscroll self into shared ghosts of fabrication. A tension. Only air between us, spider spun. Silken afternoons. Draw them out. Be still as empty colleges towards dusk.

Farnham, 25.6.12

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25 June 2012


Gareth Evans



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