Part Three

The emptied city waits. Suspension of the act.

Is there a bridge between the global game and the residence? Intimacies of concentration, perhaps.

And a commitment to object relations. All is part. Every element electric. The charge of shared difference. The call and response of exchange. Value and worth in permanent interrogation. The definitions that arise out of materials and those imposed upon them. But isn’t the final definition that of purpose? Time’s deployment.

In co-existent realms, nouns become verbs and words become prayers – their intoned music, composed longing. The needs of language are the diverse hopes of being, creating themselves as communicable artefacts; ways of naming given richer edge in their translation between grammatical forms.

How much shall be re-membered, its body assembled again in the space after action? How much re-corded, threaded together later? The body memory speaks; what needs to be retained, so that it can continue. A new lexicon of expressive registers, marks searching for their own mark. The one word, the single gesture, the solitary object, in which all things that are reside. Side by side.

London, 27.7.12


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27 July 2012


Gareth Evans



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