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Entelechy Arts' Live Archive: Ambient Jam, 2023. | Photo: Roswitha Chesher.

Space for Action

Siobhan Davies Studios is offering a limited amount of free space for small-scale fundraising and community-building events. We consider this part of our social responsibility as a public charity and arts organisation.

Priority will be given to events that align with our values and ways of working by centring marginalised communities and practices, and that are run by local people/groups with a connection to Southwark and Lambeth.

What kind of events?

We’re imagining that Space for Action will include:

  • community meetings and organising
  • gatherings to socialise, observe or celebrate
  • fundraising or awareness-raising events

For example we might hold: a regular community workshop, a book club, a vigil, a meditation space, a pop-up library, team first aid training, a charity boot sale, a parents forum or a skill sharing session.

We will prioritise requests that:

  • come from those within our local community, and benefit people local to Southwark and Lambeth.
  • centre people and communities who are or have experienced marginalisation, displacement, exclusion, othering and violence.
  • align with our values and ways of working as an arts venue
  • are welcoming and accessible to people across generations
  • are grounded in dance, movement or artistic practice

Your activity doesn’t need to meet all of these points – this is an indication of what we will prioritise.

We cannot host:

  • religious ceremonies or activities aligned with a specific religion. This is due to the terms of our licence for marriage/civil partnerships. Interfaith activities will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • activity that is exclusionary or promotes hate against specific communities.

About our spaces

The spaces available are the Library, Parlour, Research Studio, Roof Studio. Hiring these spaces would normally cost between £31-£43 per hour. Find out more about these spaces on our Studio Hire pages.


Our studios are mostly accessible to wheelchair users, with lifts to all floors. Our main door is power assisted. Read about Accessibility to our building in full here.

Technical Resources and Support

Our studios are provided with free sound facilities and wifi, no other technical support is included. A member of staff and a duty manager will be in the building on the day of your event. They are responsible for opening and closing the building, and are Emergency First Aid trained.

What we expect from you

Events that go ahead, will need to:

  • nominate a primary contact for us to communicate with by email and telephone
  • be self-supporting and include all the volunteers needed to set up, host and clear up afterwards
  • usually take place within a 4 hour timeframe, this includes set up and clear up
  • limit their capacity / audience to a given number, depending on the space requested
  • share advertising copy and images with SDS, where the event is public-facing – this is to support us in responding to any questions directed our way by audiences


If appropriate/desired, SDS can share information about public facing events on our social media channels and in our monthly newsletter. As a standard, your event will be framed as being autonomous from our programming. This strand of support is part of our activity, but your work is not.

Request space


We welcome requests on a rolling basis. Requests will be reviewed by a panel of team members with a range of lived experiences and a response will be sent within 28 days. The earlier we receive your request, the likelier it is we can consider it and find an appropriate time and space for it. 3 months ahead is our ideal timescale, however we will consider short notice requests. 

Submitting a Request

Requests can be made in a written, audio or video formats via the online form at the bottom of this page. After collecting some basic details about you, the form includes the following prompts:

  • Tell us about yourself / your organisation (maximum 100 words)
  • What do you want to do? (maximum 100 words)
  • How does this activity align with SDS’s values and priorities?  (maximum 100 words)
  • Will you be raising money? If yes, who for?
  • Which spaces at SDS would you like to use?
  • Is this a one-off or recurring event?
  • When can your activity happen? Suggest which month/dates/times would be best.
  • How long do you need the space for? Please account for set and clean up.
  • How many people do you think will attend?

Access Support

We also want to make the process of applying for Space for Action as accessible as possible. If you require access support in order make a request for space, please contact hattieh@siobhandavies.com. This can take the form of a conversation, proofreading and/or feedback of your application.

If you have questions, please get in touch by emailing contact@siobhandavies.com.

Request Form

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