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Siobhan Davies Dance, Creative Contemporary Dance

Creative Contemporary Dance

Online, Wednesdays with Sophie Arstall and Laura Doehler.


Programmed by Siobhan Davies Studios.


These Wednesday night classes develop movement awareness through contemporary technique and movement vocabulary (Release Technique), as well as improvisational tasks and movement exploration. The class draws on principles of Release technique, emphasising flow, breath and connection with the floor. 

"I love learning about movement in a more fundamental way; challenging my preconceptions about what dance and choreography is each session" 

- Creative Contemporary Dance participant

This class will be taught by Laura Doehler via Zoom, incorporating a combination of live and pre-recorded material. The classes accommodate both beginner and intermediate levels to support confident and articulate dancing.



This class will incorporate both live teaching, streamed from Siobhan Davies Studios, and audio content produced by the teacher that you can do at your own pace and in a way that suits the space you have available.

Booking Details

These drop-in online classes are priced at £8 per class. Booking can be made up to 10 minutes before the start. Book your place on Eventbrite.

Attending Online

This class takes place online via Zoom. In advance of the class we advise that participants install Zoom. If you need support installing and introducing yourself to this software then please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help. Get in touch via

Once you have made your booking you will get access to the Online Event Page on Eventbrite. Please note: you must be logged in with the email you used to book your ticket to access the online event page.


Terms and Conditions

Class timetables

Creative Contemporary Dance, 16 Sep – 16 Dec 2020

Online Drop-in
Wednesday, 6.30–7.30pm


Laura Doehler

Picking up on impermanence and change Laura choses improvisation as the format to trace and train focus that observes change. She initiates collective processes that in themselves facilitate and disseminate an embodiment of ideas, which circle around social connectivity and manifest via events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are reoccurring themes. The most recent work of Exit Map which Laura is founder of, The Shared Training Practice in SE London, the Free to Move Movement, and Trilogy Twerk a Sonata, are projects brought to life in close dialogue with other cross-disciplinary artists that build on collective ownership and are defined by processes; the product being ourselves changing. Laura Doehler, BA (Dance Theatre) and MA (Performance Making), teaches movement (release, CI, improvisation, composition and movement analysis) in HE at the National School of Circus Arts London. H2dance, Tara’ Darquin, Monsur Ali and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot are artists she is currently working with as performer, collaborator and researcher.