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Credit: Ayka Lux | Performer: Jamila Johnson-Small


Siobhan Davies Dance’s Torchlight Artists Programme supports dance artists and choreographers to deepen and expand their research in relation to our audiences at Siobhan Davies Studios and beyond. We offer artists one year to investigate something of urgency to their practice, which resonates with the interests of other artists or professionals in the dance field and beyond, and can engage diverse publics.

We offer space, time, and resource for new and unusual ways for artists to work, and to introduce audiences to aspects of dance and choreographic practice that inform performance works but take other forms. The artists are encouraged to undertake research through a variety of means – dialogue, reading, movement practices, making processes, whatever is most appropriate to their needs – and to share their research with audiences, colleagues and communities at Siobhan Davies Studios and elsewhere. This is a key element of our larger effort to foreground dance and choreography’s capacity for deep, wide-ranging inquiry.


2019/20: Jamila Johnson-Small

2018/19: Katye Coe