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Alexandra Hughes: Arrangements
16 Apr – 30 May 2010

Siobhan Davies Studios

A photographic exhibition by Alexandra Hughes.

Arrangements is a series of six photographs, taken between December 2009 and April 2010, each consisting of multiple layers of light and time. Using the blank side of a photograph, Hughes places this within the Studio’s architecture and takes a photograph of it and the shadows cast across its surface. This is then printed and placed in another location to capture a new shadow. This process is repeated and the layers of the photograph multiply to construct a new geography of the building bringing disparate surfaces in contact with one another.

Also presented alongside Arrangements is Frosted Glass (2010), a series of photographic contact sheets of diffused light through windows within the building. Natural light is seen in squares of colour that range from blue, through green and yellow to red, what is not at first apparent is seen in compelling simplicity.

Adding to these works is 12 Hours of a White Wall (2010), a work that completes a trilogy of works in which photographic slides (taken every 6-12 minutes depending on the duration of the work) record the light cast across a white wall for the duration of time listed in the title – from sunrise to sunset. They are replayed in the single rotation of a slide carousel, making visible the usually unseen colour shifts that occur as daylight passes.