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Mon 20 May 2019

Studios open 10am–8pm

The Dodo and the Seed
5–24 Sep 2017, 10am–6pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
Free entry

What remains of a dance performance? Movements encoded in limbs. An atlas of gestures. Footsteps held jealously by the rooms they once echoed through.

The Dodo and the Seed is an exhibition of remains, in which the work of Siobhan Davies Dance is rearranged: fragments of conversations, cuttings from the archives, the sounds and the textures of Siobhan Davies Studios.

Artists and writers from the Royal College of Art's Critical Practice pathway and Critical Writing programme have sifted through the material of Siobhan Davies Dance, scouring for traces of what lives after.

The aim: not to preserve dancers and their movements, stiffening what was once supple. Instead, through works displayed in the public spaces of the Studios and the catalogue of images and texts that accompanies them, it is to find – and through transposition, to disperse – the seeds from which future work may grow.

The exhibition includes artworks by Leonie Sinden, Name Surname and Jessica Ostrowicz, and writing by Alice Larsson, Oisin Prendergast Knight and Kit Webb.

The exhibition runs from 5–24 Sept, with a private view on 20 Sept, from 6.30pm.