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Laura Wilson: Horse of a Different Colour
20 Jan – 26 Feb 2010

Siobhan Davies Studios

The title of the exhibition references a line from the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and her companions are initially refused entry to Oz, after bargaining with the door man he remarks, “Why, that’s a horse of a different colour, come on in…” i.e. That’s a different matter entirely. In the next scene we see a horse which changes colour in every scene.

Similar to the horse, as a whole, Laura Wilson saw the exhibition as something that was constantly in flux, that the works themselves had different interpretations or viewings dependent on the set of circumstances applied.

The works presented responded to the architecture of the building and the building’s history, it drew on the function of the building both past and present and its placement in South London which is currently a hub for change and urban redevelopment.


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