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Ludovica Gioscia: Mikado
11 Sep – 20 Nov 2009

Siobhan Davies Studios

Ludovica Gioscia is best known for using wallpaper in her work made Mikado from screen printed wallpaper, sculpted into head like shapes and adorned by jewellery and hairpieces. These sculptures were then mounted on wooden poles, which in turn were displayed in a falling motion.

Mikado is the name of a 19th century parlour game, later known as Pick-Up Sticks. It is also the title of Gilbert and Sullivan’s popular comic opera, and Gioscia references both the game and the opera in the work. Using a hybrid iconography of mixed references to the baroque, 19th century exoticism, pop art and graphics from Disney to Nu-Rave, Gioscia makes what she calls ‘campscapes’, celebrating and criticizing the visual language of opulence.

Alongside the exhibition Gioscia presented a triptych of collages with titles referring to the female characters of the opera, Yum Yum, Pitti Sing and Peep Bo. Baroque fashion illustrations obscure the faces of contemporary models. Beyond merging historical and contemporary imagery, the work also reminded us of the surrealist representation of women as fetishised muses.

Ludovica Gioscia works across many different media, from installations to drawings as well as animation. For Mikado she drew on all these different techniques in her own unique and contemporary style.

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