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Tue 1 Dec 2020

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A Question of Movement: A film by MARCUS COATES & HENRY MONTES
18 Sep – 24 Oct 2015

Kate MacGarry
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For his third solo exhibition at Kate MacGarry, Marcus Coates presents his film, A Question of Movement, made with dance artist Henry Montes and commissioned by Siobhan Davies Dance.

Throughout much of his practice, Coates has sought alternative ways in which to approach and understand the questions we most struggle to resolve. A Question of Movement explores the role of the artist as a problem solver. This time, Coates examines the potential functionality of contemporary dance in order to articulate unconscious reasoning.

To this end, Coates and Montes interviewed members of the public, in their homes or at work, asking them to pose a question, which, up until that point, had been unsolvable. Coates responds to each question with immediate and unconscious movements, at once comical and poignant. He twists, bends, jumps and even stands on his head as a means by which to channel information into a solution or answer. Despite the fact the ‘dances’ are subjective and abstract, the question-giver delivers their evaluation with great sincerity and thought.

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Kate MacGarry
27 Old Nichol Street
London E2 7HR