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Mon 17 Feb 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Ambient Jam: Workshops with Entelechy Arts

Entelechy Arts returned to Siobhan Davies Studios with Ambient Jam, an intergenerational afternoon of gentle movement, exercise and relaxation. We are pleased to continue our association with Entelechy, celebrating the power of movement to connect people across all ages and abilities.


The Ambient Jam multi-sensory workshops provided a creative space, blending improvisation, social dance and live movement. They were designed to be accessible to all generations and abilities. Homebound older people, their families and their carers were especially welcome.

We were very pleased to welcome back Florence Peake to lead the workshop, together with the Spitz Jazz Collective, and dance artists Barbara Kane, Rainer Knupp and Gill Moore.

Siobhan Davies Studios is fully accessible to wheelchair users, with lifts to both floors. The Roof Studio is fitted with an infra red audio system and both studios have an induction loop hearing system. There are also two accessible parking spaces available on site. If you have any access requirements please discuss them with Entelechy Arts when booking.

Entelechy Arts have a long standing relationship with the Southwark area, having been part of both the Silver and Boundless festivals. Siobhan Davies Dance have been supporting their work for 5 years. Ambient Jam came to the Studios as part of Big Dance 2012, and returned in February of this year with a workshop led by artist Shane Waltener, who has also exhibited at the Studios. Following the afternoon's success we were delighted to welcome Entelechy Arts back to the building.    

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