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Fri 3 Jul 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Experience it - The Act of Doing
11 Jan – 11 Jul 2016

Charlotte Sharman Primary School

Pupils from across Charlotte Sharman Primary School are working with Dance Artist Sarah Poekert to explore how the body feels in the act of doing. Using the children's classroom learning, the collection of Aby Warburg and the ideas behind Siobhan Davies Dance New Work pupils are exploring movement across a series of sessions leading to informal sharings with their peers. 

A programme of creative workshops and projects delivered directly to and with students in schools giving them a kinaesthetic experience of learning across the curriculum.

Dance artists develop and deliver projects that bring movement and dance into the classroom connected to our artistic programme.

To work with your school contact Laura Aldridge, Projects Coordinator: creativeprojects@siobhandavies.com

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