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Open Call for Residency and Performance Opportunities
14 May – 12 Jun 2017

Siobhan Davies Studios

Deadline: 12 noon, Monday 12 June

Siobhan Davies Dance is inviting expressions of interest from independent dance artists and choreographers for opportunities to be in residence and to present work at Siobhan Davies Studios.  

Siobhan Davies Dance is expanding the ways in which we work with independent dance artists to create and share new work. We are also offering new opportunities for broad audiences to experience and participate in the choreographic process. As part of our evolving programme, this year we are piloting two new strands to our programme: Open Choreography Residencies and Open Choreography Performances. Both programmes aim to open up the choreographic process to audiences and also to consider and facilitate choreography in an expanded sense. Artists are invited to apply for one or both opportunities.

For both opportunities, we are looking for artists who:

  • Have an established practice as an independent dance artist / choreographer
  • Work in an investigative manner, structuring their making process as a process of questioning and research
  • Engage with other disciplines
  • Are enthusiastic to meaningfully engage peers and the broader public in their choreographic processes
  • Can demonstrate why they will benefit in working within our building and organisation

This opportunity is open to artists based in the UK and internationally.

Open Choreography Residencies

Two periods of up to two weeks available July 10 – Sept 10, 2017

This opportunity offers artists no-cost time and space in our award-winning studios building, with access to dialogue and support for your making process while you are here from the Programme Director and Programme Coordinator and, if available, Siobhan Davies. Where useful, we will work with you to invite peers and other experts to join you in the studio.

In exchange, you will work with the Programme Director to offer an opportunity to the public to interact with your practice and making process, whether in the form of an open rehearsal, sharing, workshop or other format.

You can propose to use our space for any reasonable purpose that is useful to you, whether it is early stages of research and development for a project, final stages of refinement of a work in progress, or just a space to move by yourself or with others. We want to know how this space and time will help you to focus on something you might not otherwise, and we will give priority to applications that make a case for how they will benefit from the particular expertise and resources SDD has to offer, such as in relation to choreography, somatic dance practice, collaborative making, and interdisciplinary working across art practices.

We regret that we cannot provide fees but can contribute toward travel expenses and help with arranging low-cost accommodation for those based outside of London.

Open Choreography Performances

Two events to take place September – December 2017

This opportunity offers artists a chance to present a work, either finished or in progress, in the beautiful Roof Studio at Siobhan Davies Dance.

In exchange, you will work with the Programme Director to devise a means to engage the public with the process by which your work was made or the ideas that inform it, whether through a talk or conversation or by curating additional content alongside your work that relates to your interests.

Depending on applications received, we may curate events with multiple performances, or dedicate an event to a single artist’s work.

Performances must be able to take place in our roof studio without additional technical infrastructure beyond what we have in-house, unless you are able to cover the cost of additional equipment and technical support. See the specification for this space here:

We will offer selected artists a limited amount of rehearsal space alongside technical support and marketing for the event. We will also offer an honorarium for participation of £200 for choreographers and £100 for each additional performer or collaborator up to a maximum of £500 total, alongside a small amount toward travel expenses and help with arranging low-cost accommodation for those based outside of London.

To apply, please complete the application forms available here and here (please note if you are applying for both opportunities you are required to complete both forms)

Completed applications should be sent as word document (not PDF) to

Artists will be selected by Artistic Director Siobhan Davies, Programme Director Lauren Wright, Gitta Wigro, Co-Director, Independent Dance, and a dance artist. Applicants will be notified by Friday, 23 June.

Please direct any queries to Lauren Wright, Programme Director,

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