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Sun 26 Jan 2020

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Apply to Present Work at Young Artists’ Feedback Forum
4 Dec 2017 – 1 Feb 2018

The Young Artists' Feedback Forum is a space for young choreographers to show their work in-progress to an audience in a supportive environment and receive constructive feedback. We are looking for artists and choreographers to present work at our next Feedback Forum on Sunday 11 March.

The event is curated by Siobhan Davies Dance’s YAAG (Young Artists Advisory Group), and the evening will be facilitated by artist Amy Bell, who will guide young artists and audiences through the process of sharing ideas and feedback using Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process.

The Feedback Forum has been adopted from Independent Dance, who have run FF's at the studios for the past 10 years.  

If you would like to show your work in-progress alongside other young artists, download the application form here and send it to

Siobhan Davies Dance produces interdisciplinary and collaborative works that explore choreography across various disciplines. Interdisciplinary and experimental works are very welcome in the Feedback Forum.

We are looking for works in progress made by 14-25 year olds, with a maximum length of 10 minutes.

Deadline to apply: Thursday 1 February, 2018
All applicants will be notified by Monday 19 February, 2018

For more information, email: