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Wed 22 May 2019

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Primary Bank
12 Sep 2007 – 11 Jul 2008

Primary Bank 2007/08 was an in-depth choreographic project for two year 5 classes from Charlotte Sharman School.

The project involved a variety of professional artists and artistic organisations based in Southwark and Lambeth in weekly sessions throughout the school year. Pupils explored ideas such as creating movement from observations of everyday life, the links between sculpture, spaces and objects, and making sounds with tools and bodies. They worked with artists from a range of disciplines, visited South London Gallery, Imperial War Museum and Southbank Centre, and created their own site specific choreography. The finale of Primary Bank in July 2008 was two ambitious performances at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre and Siobhan Davies Studios. With support from artists, the pupils were challenged to choreograph using different spaces around both buildings, to encompass different art forms such as live and recorded sounds from the project, ceramic sculptures and film.    

“We worked with the pupils in the same way as I engage with my own company. We listened to, respected and focused their comments and actions. In turn they gave us fresh ideas and perspectives into our thinking.”
Siobhan Davies     

“You can do it if you put your mind to it. I think we can be successful in anything we want to do, especially dance.” Kizzie, Year 5 pupil    

Project Diary 1 – Observing everyday movement to create dance    
Project Diary 2 – Working with a sculpture exhibition    
Project Diary 3 – Working with a sound artist    
Project Diary 4 – The teachers’ reflections    

“I learnt that dancing isn’t something that pops out of anywhere, it’s a talent that we all have but it’s just hidden inside us.”
Year 5 pupil    

“The children have enjoyed the project tremendously. Without realising it, they are picking up new skills and imaginative approaches which they are employing to tasks in dance/movement as well as other disciplines. All the pupils have gained greater self-confidence, and are more reflective of their own personal development and growth.”
Adam Graham & Steve Brickell, Year 5 teachers – Charlotte Sharman School    

“During workshops pupils were taught how to actively observe through questioning presumptions and viewing the familiar from new perspectives” 
Nic Sandiland, external evaluator and freelance artist

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