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JADE Fellowship (Part 1)
5 Jan 2009 – 31 Aug 2010

Set up in 2005 for five years, the JADE Fellowship is awarded to a professional dancer coming to the end of his/her career and wishing to transfer their skills to dance education and community work. The scheme is based on the belief that professional dancers have valuable qualities and skills to bring to dance in education.

In May 2008, Siobhan Davies Dance was awarded the fourth JADE Fellowship for dancer Tammy Arjona. The Fellowship is designed to give Tammy experience of delivering education and community dance work across a broad range of ages, groups and contexts – as well as developing her project management skills.

Phase 1: September – December 2008

An introduction to Siobhan Davies Dance’s Creative Projects programme, and an overview of dance education generally.

Phase 2: January – March 2009

Delivering and supporting a number of dance projects that link to the company’s work.

Current projects

  • Parents and babies dance workshop with Jasmine Pasch at Rich Mix
  • Contemporary workshops for third year students at the Laban Centre
  • Primary Bankers Choreographic Ensemble at Siobhan Davies Studios
  • Project with Magpie Dance
  • Teaching for professional company class
  • Training for teaching inclusively
  • Basic computer training

Phase 3: April – August 2009

Setting up and delivering short projects for Siobhan Davies Dance, supported by the Creative Project Co-ordinator

Projects and training

  • Sharing the Practice event at Siobhan Davies Studios with invited dance practitioners and guest leaders. Participants experienced some of the choreographic approaches used by the company in the creation of new work and gained an understanding of the structure and methods used in Primary Bank. Set up in preparation for Tammy’s project with a Primary School.
  • Creative dance workshops for year one and two classes at Charles Dickens Primary School using the topic of Sound and hearing as a stimulus for movement.
  • Adult contemporary class and creative movement workshop at Siobhan Davies Studios, a playful introduction to choreographic methods exploring rhythm, dynamics and texture.
  • Performance for the Primary Bankers Choreographic Ensemble as part of the Elephant & Castle Regeneration Project.
  • Magpie Dance choreographic intensive project lead by Pari Naderi and supported by Tammy. Working with the Magpie adult group and members of their youth group in providing fresh starting points for creating movement and choreography. 

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