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JADE Fellowship (Part 2)
1 Sep 2009 – 30 Sep 2010

Set up in 2005 for five years, the JADE Fellowship is awarded to a professional dancer coming to the end of his/her career and wishing to transfer their skills to dance education and community work. The scheme is based on the belief that professional dancers have valuable qualities and skills to bring to dance in education.

In May 2008, Siobhan Davies Dance was awarded the fourth JADE Fellowship for dancer Tammy Arjona. The Fellowship is designed to give Tammy experience of delivering education and community dance work across a broad range of ages, groups and contexts – as well as developing her project management skills.

Phase 4: September – December 2009

Reflection on first year’s experiences, research and develop ideas for a larger scale project.

  • Siobhan Davies Dance staff lunchtime sessions
  • Siobhan Davies rehearsals – new work
  • Research & planning for Work Creative sessions for other arts organisations
  • ID intensives and classes
  • Devising and producing marketing material for up-coming projects

Phase 5: January – April 2010

Delivery of small projects and events, research and planning for choreography project.

  • Playful Explorations in Movement: 2 day course for adults  without previous experience.
  • January – March: Work Creative sessions for office staff at Rambert Dance Company, Local Authority representatives from the Big Dance South London Hub and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation
  • Practical session for University of East London students studying  the Big Dance module
  • Observing rehearsals of Sue’s new work and Art of Touch which has been remounted for Rambert Dance Company
  • Marketing for Playful Explorations in Choreography 12-week course
  • Teaching CandoCo Youth Group
  • Siobhan Davies Dance Creative Projects – Team away day, disability action plan day, Big Dance Events
  • Observing Artist Bank  sessions
  • Gill Clarke’s critical feedback workshop
  • CandoCo Artist Development Day
  • Attending events at Siobhan Davies Studios such as Conversations in Making and Parallel Voices 2010 (link to relevant pages)
  • Attending company staff meetings including disability action plan event
  • Attending ID What if Festival
  • Visit to V&A Edmund de Waal ceramics gallery

Phase 6: April – July 2010

Delivery of 12-week choreography project and smaller events, planning and devising a performance work

  • Playful Explorations in Choreography – a weekly course running for 12 weeks, working with adults with little or no experience
  • Attending ID What if Festival
  • Gill Clarke’s critical feedback workshop
  • London Festival of Architecture: Led a movement workshop guiding participants in their explorations with a sound installation created by audialsense (BFLS architects) at Siobhan Davies Studios, 19th June (link to relevant page)
  • Speaking at New Directions, a symposium to discuss the career and progression of dancers
  • Playful Explorations in Choreography group performance for the Open Studios Big Dance weekend

Phase 7: July – September 2010

Final phase of the fellowship, will offer time to review and evaluate the whole process and support Tammy in the next steps of her professional development.

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