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Thu 23 Jan 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

The Thinking Body at The Whitworth: Dance and Science Masterclass
8–12 May 2017

The Whitworth

The Thinking Body: Learn about the connection between body and brain.

Through this daylong workshop classes investigate how the body thinks and feels when moving.  Pupils interact with the new performance installation by Siobhan Davies Dance, material / rearranged / to / be, and take part in practical dance activities, choreography and scientific discussion led by Siobhan Davies Dance and BEAM Labs.

The workshop explores neuro science; examining how our brains enable us to move and interact with the world, through accessible movement tasks, interactive activities and talks with performers and scientists.

To book - please email at The Whitworth.

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The Whitworth
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M15 6ER
T +44 (161) 275 7450
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