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Sat 7 Dec 2019

Studios open 10am–8pm

Young Artists' Feedback Forum
Sun 11 Mar 2018, 5–7pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
£5 Book

Enjoy an evening of new and in-progress works by young choreographers. 

Our Young Artists’ Feedback Forum provides a platform for young and emerging artists to present and share their work in a supportive environment. You are invited to see new work, listen to ideas and share feedback with artists and fellow audience members.

To book a ticket or for more information contact: / 020 7091 9650.

The Feedback Forum on Sun 11 Mar will feature four new works-in-progress:

The Outlines (-1BC)
Choreographed by: Shania Selvendran
Performed by: Emily Illott and Samara Langham

The OUTLINES -1BC’ presents a sterile secluded dystopian environment where self-proclaimed ‘Outlines’ are objectified by the oppressive environment and their own creation, symbolized by the sculptural body forms. Set within a non-existent time frame, the division between the ‘Outlines’ and the environment alludes to man’s immorality, showing how utopia is never a prospect. The ‘Outlines’ fate is never defined… 

Love & Spaghetti
Choreographed by: Kasia Truefitt
Performed by: Jay Yule and Eva Esrich Gonzales

Human interpersonal relationships are vital for our survival, so why are we failing at getting them right? The creation process of this work has involved two strangers (performers) agreeing to participate in a social experiment;‘The 36 questions that can make you fall in love with anyone’.The work is exploring the complexity, vulnerability and simplicity of human relationship, referring to the scientific structure of falling in love and how these definitions have changed over a period of three generations.

Suspended Sketches
Choreographed by: Rebecca Callow
Performed by: Niamh McBride, Francesca Wilson, Liberty Mills, Taylor Han

“The work of memory collapses time” Walter Benjamin wrote. In memory recall, we contextualise by describing people, objects and emotions to provide an image for the receiver.Suspended Sketchesexplores these contextual patterns using manipulation and imagery; recreating and reorganising past experiences into the present.

Choreographed by: Bun Kobayashi
Performed by: James Olivo, Hallam Wood

Two men pretending to try, two men trying to pretend. We have been meeting and practising failing, balancing, wobbling, jumping without jumping, and some ballet.

Artists and audience will share ideas and feedback informed by Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process, with stacks of support from host and facilitator Amy Bell.

The Feedback Forum has been adopted from Independent Dance, who have run FF's at the studios for the past 10 years.

The evening is curated by Siobhan Davies Dance’s Young Artists Advisory Group