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Fri 3 Jul 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Your Move 2013: 40 Days of Photographing Movement
5 Nov – 15 Dec 2013

Your Move 2013 is a public photoblog open for submissions for 40 days to celebrate the UK screening of All This Can Happen, a film by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, at the ICA, London; DANCE:FILM 13, Edinburgh and CINECITY at the Brighton Film Festival.

Through Your Move 2013, we invite you to create your own compelling photographs and collages that highlight everyday movement experimenting with some of the techniques used in All This Can HappenAll This Can Happen is made entirely of found footage from early films and photographs and looks back on early cinema’s fascination with capturing the detail of everyday movement. The film is composed using many different juxtapositions, densities of images, and split screen techniques; with several frames of action on screen at the same time. 

Visit the Your Move 2013 site to hear Siobhan Davies talking about the film, and the photographic challenge.  All of your pictures will build a growing gallery showcasing different ways to capture movement.

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‘Loved the experience - my second – it’s all good - great project!’ Participant

‘I liked the sense of community created and being part of a project that can be seen globally while living in the back of beyond.’ Participant

‘Thanks for running the project and showing my images. Would love to take part again.’ Participant