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Mon 6 Jul 2020

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Forward by Joe Moran
Fri 27 Sep 2013, 6–10pm

Siobhan Davies Studios

This autumn our performance season questions the relationship between dance and performance art practices, shaking preconceptions and championing new points of view.  The season begins with Forward, a weekend of performances by British choreographer Joe Moran who presents a choreographed collection of live performance, installation and film inhabiting spaces throughout our Studios.

We are interested in the way Moran’s work questions curation as a choreographic endeavor, and how he explores the fruitful dialogues that can happen when dance meets other creative disciplines. We are very pleased to provide an opportunity for him to present this multidisciplinary event in our Studios, bringing together individual art works in different spaces and of different durations, to operate as a single changing choreographed whole.  We are also pleased to have Moran’s involvement in our Dance and Art Forum later in the performance season.

‘I am fascinated by the multiple possibilities revealed in the experience of dance. It excites me that dance, through the moving body, can complicate or disrupt how we conceive of who, what and how we may be. Forward arises from this fascination: a fascination with the embodiment of multiple and, sometimes contradictory, states of being at once.’ Joe Moran


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