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Mon 6 Jul 2020

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Moving Through Time Performances
Thu 31 Oct 2013

National Portrait Gallery
Free entry

A performance by participants of the Moving Through Time project.

Responding to the National Portrait Gallery’s Tudor exhibition, Elizabeth I and her People, a group of young people working with choreographer Vanessa Cook applied a contemporary perspective to the exhibition; generating movement based on details taken from the paintings, such as the posture of the subjects, the objects they chose to be painted with and the relationship between the foreground and background.

The work was performed in the Tudor galleries at The National Portrait Gallery.

‘Inspiring, moving and still life in motion.’ Audience member

‘Wonderfully well done – beautiful movements. Captured scenes and was very emotive.’ Audience member

‘The whole atmosphere was very in keeping with the Elizabethan theme. Excellent choreography.’ Audience member


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