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Sat 7 Dec 2019

Studios open 10am–8pm

In Plain Clothes at The Gardner Arts Centre
14–22 May 2006

The Gardner Arts Centre

Inspired by the simplicity of Italian folk songs, which form part of the music score, In Plain Clothes is constructed using fragments of dance; individual notes represent movements, giving the final work unlimited connections.

Set to a score by Matteo Fargion, In Plain Clothes continues Siobhan Davies’ collaborative philosophy, by inviting an architect, a linguist, landscape designer and heart surgeon, to be part of the rehearsal process, alongside her composer and designer. Each of her contemporaries, seeing movement from a different perspective, has influenced the genesis and growth of the piece, by bringing observation, energy and humour to the rehearsal process.

In Plain Clothes has been created specifically for intimate studio spaces, bringing audiences closer to the performance.  

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The Gardner Arts Centre
Sussex House
University of Sussex
Southern Ring Road
Brighton BN1 9RH
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