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Mon 3 Aug 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Transparencies: With Siobhan Davies, Julie Cunningham and Matthias Sperling
Tue 31 Mar 2020, 7.30–9pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Transparencies is a series of events in which Siobhan Davies opens up a previously private choreographic practice to a live audience.

For many years, Davies has gathered photographs, texts and images printed on transparent paper. Each of these images has its own story and connections, but Davies’ exploration has uncovered fascinating, unexpected relationships and further fields.

For this evening in the series, Davies unites with choreographers Julie Cunningham and Matthias Sperling to investigate identity, knowledge and the mind in movement.

Julie Cunningham will respond to Davies’ imagery through performance, using their own unique choreographic language. Cunningham, a New Wave Associate at Sadler’s Wells who performed under the artistic directorship of Merce Cunningham in New York and Michael Clark in London, now has their own company which performs their choreographic works exploring themes of gender and identity.

Matthias Sperling, a frequent collaborator of Davies, bridges contemporary dance and contemporary visual arts in his work. Sperling is currently completing the written element of his artistic doctorate, drawing on cognitive science and philosophy to investigate the kinds of knowledge generated through choreographic practice.

Whilst Davies, Cunningham and Sperling investigate practices that are visibly and tangibly different, when they come together in the same space, something happens between them. This intimate event will give audiences the chance to witness that happening.

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Siobhan Davies Studios
85 St George's Road
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