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Two Quartets at The Oxford Playhouse
6–7 Jul 2007

Oxford Playhouse

Two Quartets, is a new production in two parts featuring eight of the UK’s finest dance artists. 

In the first quartet the dancers work very closely together. They hardly leave each other's side as they describe a continuous circle, demonstrating the radius or points on the circumference. Each dancer needs to change gear as they shift positions, altering their speed and alignment to the others. The main movement language is derived from walking, running, tripping, turning with an occasional 'other' action projecting out of the more pedestrian moves.

The second quartet is the inverse of the first. Each dancer works separately, performing in their own time and space. Davies asked that three of the performers face mainly forward and the fourth traverses the space. Each show, through movement, shifting layers of thought, slivers of memories, senses and instructions that can run concurrently in any one person's mind; to build up moments of character.

Often beautiful and occasionally perplexing this is a work of subtle changes and dynamic contrasts. Rhythms, timings and structures create complex patterns and dancers concentrate on the internal shift between thoughts, images and emotions.  Panels of light change in texture, and perspectives are altered to conceal and reveal dancers in the space.

The work has been developed in collaboration with composer and musician Matteo Fargion, visual artist Sam Collins and one of the UK’s most exciting young fashion designers, Jonathan Saunders. 

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Oxford Playhouse
Beaumont Street
Oxford OX1 2LW
T 01865 305305
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