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Who Cares? Dance in the Gallery & Museum : £7.95
Wed 17 Jun 2015

WHO CARES? Dance in the Gallery & Museum is a new publication created by Sara Wookey in collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance.

The publication includes a series of conversations with dance artists, curators and directors, who share their experiences of presenting or performing dance in museum and gallery spaces. Its purpose is to offer a platform of individual voices that as a collection renders visible shared and differing perspectives, value systems and ideologies about movement-based practices within visual art-focused cultural spaces.

Prompting thinking about the notion of “care” for the human body, artworks, objects and architecture in a common space and who might serve those needs, the publication invites strategies for best practice for a sustainable future of this renewed meeting of dance practices and visual art institutions.

WHO CARES? Dance in the Gallery & Museum is available to purchase from Siobhan Davies Dance (contact info@siobhandavies.com or call 0207 091 9650 to order a copy) or from the following galleries and bookshops: AA Bookshop, Books on the Move, National Gallery, The Lowry, South London Gallery and Turner Contemporary.


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