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Mon 6 Jul 2020

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Table of Contents
ICA London
8–19 Jan 2014

A live installation: Memory and Presence

Table of Contents is a live performance and installation co-created by Siobhan Davies, Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and Matthias Sperling, each using their own history as choreographers and performers to question how dance is archived and how different art forms build on their own history.

The work sets up a shared space between audience and dancer, inviting the audience into a live dialogue to experience and consider how the past reveals itself in our present actions. Bringing the traditional art focus of galleries and the performative aspect of dance together, this new work intentionally shows the process of dance and choreographic thinking in a gallery context.

Siobhan Davies Dance pushes the boundaries of what is thought of as dance, renewing its thinking and working in non-traditional dance venues to promote new exchanges.

Table of Contents is a collaboration between Siobhan Davies Dance, the ICA (London), Tramway (Glasgow) and Arnolfini (Bristol).

Open 11am – 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, and Thursdays from 2pm – 9 pm

‘It’s an ever-changing work of art and an intriguing exercise both in terms of understanding the memories of past choreography that remain in the body.’ LondonDance, Graham Watts

‘If anyone can boldly go where no choreographer has gone before, it is she.’ Alison Gunn, The Financial Times

‘Siobhan Davies is drawn increasingly to make work inspired by everyday movements, where you can see the unique quality of each of her collaborating dancers...It is this conversational aspect of her work, however fast and furious some of its physical manifestations, that makes the art gallery such an appealing forum.’ Financial Times, Emma Crichton-Miller

‘Engagingly ambitious in the questions it wants to provoke about what dancers do and how they do it’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘It’s cumulatively absorbing; it rewards your attention.’ Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard

‘Table Of Contents is an engaging insight into dance’ Siobhan Murphy, Metro

‘Over the last decade she has moved away from such established practices and, through a series of collaborative and curated works designed for exhibitions and galleries, has been taking dance into the art world and art into the dance world....’ Sanjoy Roy interview with Siobhan Davies, Run-Riot

Past events in this series

Fri 17 Jan 2014, 3pm
Friday Salon: The Duty to Remember and the Freedom to Forget: Archiving the Today
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
£5 Book tickets

Wed 15 Jan 2014, 6.45pm
Jonathan Cole: The Dreary Ooze
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
£10 / £5 Book tickets

Fri 10 Jan 2014, 1pm
ICA Culture Now with Siobhan Davies and Ramsay Burt
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

8–19 Jan 2014
ICA London
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Free entry