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Sun 25 Oct 2020

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Table of Contents
Tramway, Glasgow
29 Jan – 9 Feb 2014

A live installation: Memory and Presence - Part of British Dance Edition 2014

Following a highly sucessful two-week run at the ICA, London, Siobhan Davies Dance are travelling north of the border for the Scottish premiere of Table of Contents. 

Table of Contents is a live performance and installation co-created by Siobhan Davies, Andrea Buckley, Helka Kaski, Rachel Krische, Charlie Morrissey and Matthias Sperling, each using their own history as choreographers and performers to question how dance is archived and how different art forms build on their own history.

Resembling a form of movement laboratory, a series of evolving choreographic situations take place  in a shared space between performers and audiences. The work offers the possibility of a live dialogue to experience and consider how the past reveals itself in our present actions.

Using  the archive of Siobhan Davies Dance as an initial but not exclusive starting point, Table of Contents explores what archival dance material could look like and how it could be experienced.  Each of the artists delves into material from their past using choreography, verbal commentary and humour to question how we remember and retain movement. Concepts of archive and choreography are a  constant reference point, from investigating dance history to looking at the human body as an archive.

Table of Contents is a collaboration between Siobhan Davies Dance, the ICA (London), Tramway (Glasgow) and Arnolfini (Bristol).

Opening times

Tue–Fri, 12–5pm
Sat & Sun, 12–6pm
(closed Mondays)
Sat 1 February, 11am–6pm

‘Engagingly ambitious in the questions it wants to provoke about what dancers do and how they do it’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘I don’t think Table of Contents is a solution...but it is a way of bringing things up in our consciousness as performers, and involving the audience in that.’ Kelly Apter, The List

‘Over the last decade she has moved away from such established practices and, through a series of collaborative and curated works designed for exhibitions and galleries, has been taking dance into the art world and art into the dance world....’ Sanjoy Roy interview with Siobhan Davies, Run-Riot

‘It’s cumulatively absorbing; it rewards your attention.’ Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard

‘If anyone can boldly go where no choreographer has gone before, it is she.’ Alison Gunn, The Financial Times

‘It’s an ever-changing work of art and an intriguing exercise both in terms of understanding the memories of past choreography that remain in the body.’ LondonDance, Graham Watts

‘With no set, costumes, lighting, music or context, all that remains is the choreography and a rare chance for us to climb inside a dancer’s head.’ Kelly Apter, The Scotsman

‘Table Of Contents is an engaging insight into dance’ Siobhan Murphy, Metro

‘There really is no conventional niche suitable for this latest project by Siobhan Davies Dance - so let’s just applaud the visionary curiosity that powers it, the itch to bridge the distance between performer and audience by bringing them together in an open (and free) process of sharing.  ’ Mary Brennan, The Herald

Past events in this series

29 Jan – 9 Feb 2014
Tramway Glasgow
Tramway, Glasgow
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