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Wed 8 Jul 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Dancing Museums: Seventh Residency in London
7–13 Nov 2016

The National Gallery

Dancing Museums is an EU partnership project bringing together five European dance organisations and eight internationally renowned museums to explore with dance new ways of interacting with audiences.

For the seventh Dancing Museums residency UK dance artist Lucy Suggate is joined by collaborating EU dance artists, curators, education professionals and scientists including cognitive neuroscientist Guido Orgs, social psychologist Daniel Richardson and art historian Marco Peri. During the week they explore how the presence of dancers can offer new ways of experiencing art in the museum and interrupt codes of gallery behaviour.

Dance and Painting
10 Oct, 1pm–1.45pm
National Gallery, WC2N 5DN
Lecturer Siân Waters examines the relationship between painting and dance. Find out more.

Siobhan Davies in conversation with Caroline Campbell and Gill Hart
7 Nov, 1pm–1.45pm
National Gallery, WC2N 5DN
Siobhan Davies discusses inter-relationships between dance and painting with Caroline Campbell, the Jacob Rothschild Head of the Curatorial Department at The National Gallery, and Gill Hart, Head of Education at The National Gallery. Find out more.

Layers of Meaning: Conservation and Dance
11 Nov, 1pm–1.30pm
National Gallery, WC2N 5DN
Larry Keith, Head of Conservation at The National Gallery explores differing interpretations of conservation. Find out more

The Neuroaesthetics of Movement
11 Nov, 7pm–8.30pm
Siobhan Davies Studios, SE1 6ER
Cognitive neuroscientist Guido Orgs and social psychologist Daniel Richardson introduce the psychological and brain mechanisms that are involved in performing and perceiving movement, reflecting on their work with the Dancing Museums artists during the National Gallery residency. Click for further information

Dance Artists' Open Research 
12–13 Nov, 12pm-2pm 
National Gallery, WC2N 5DN, Rooms 30-34
Following a week of research and workshops at the National Gallery, the Dancing Museums artists invite you to observe them at work in the gallery exploring ideas developed during the residency. Find out more

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