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Wed 22 May 2019

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nottdance08 in London
18–24 Oct 2008

Siobhan Davies Studios

nottdance08 is Dance4’s annual international festival of experimental dance and performance. It is a unique opportunity to see exciting challenging international work coming to the UK.

Dance4 is a Nottingham-based national dance agency, internationally recognized as an organization supporting artists and practitioners interested in the development of dance and performance in today’s creative landscape.

For the first time in its seventeen year history, nottdance breaks its geographic confines by coming to London. In collaboration with Siobhan Davies Studios and Independent Dance, we are delighted to bring this programme of performances, talk and workshop to the capital and hope it makes you want to see more.

Saturday 18 October, 7.30pm

Eduard Gabi performs an extract from his new solo, after previously showing work at ImpulsTanz Festival (Vienna) and Tanz im August (Berlin). Tabea Martin brings us a duet which questions perfectionism and its consequences for the body. UK based Athina Vahla, currently ArtsAdmin Associate Artist, presents a section of a work in progress duet performed by David Waring and Sonia Rafferty.

Tuesday 21 October
Crossing Borders with Independent Dance

This is an opportunity to engage in a critical debate about how to nurture emerging performance makers, in particular how we develop their artistic voice in today’s international context.

Thomas Lehmen (Germany), an established choreographer, performer and mentor for the nottdance dialogue, will be in conversation with dialogue co-mentor and independent arts producer Rose Fenton, co-founder and co-director of London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT). Artists taking part in the nottdance dialogue will also join them.

Friday 24 October
Heromatik by Thomas Lehmen - UK premiere

The starting point for this solo comes from the recurrent elements found in all hero-stories where in order to redress the balance in his world, the Hero goes on a journey where he is constantly tested. In this piece, Thomas Lehmen draws an analogy between the archetype of the Hero and the work of an artist, both operating in known and unknown territories, grappling with the paradox of freedom.

Heromatik challenges the conventional way of creating and presenting a piece of work. Instead of focusing on showing a finished piece, Thomas uses fixed parameters that form the core of the piece, but for each performance he creates a new set of possibilities, developing the work under the very eyes of the audience. This leads to a conglomerate of ideas that eventually form the piece. This is a personal take on artistic creation, a call to question what it means to be an artist today.

Thomas Lehmen is a German choreographer, dancer, performer and author based in Berlin.

This solo is commissioned by Dance4, with support from the Senat Berlin Cultural Affairs, fonds Darstellende Kunste e.V (Germany)