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Sat 28 Nov 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Open Choreography Residency: Hamish MacPherson
4–9 Sep 2017

Siobhan Davies Studios
Free entry

As part of his Open Choreography residency at Siobhan Davies Studios Hamish MacPherson will inviting a number of artists to join him for the week. Together they will delve into one of his current projects, Configuration (Hard Care) which explores care as an aesthetic, choreographic and political practice.

Hamish makes performances, workshops, larps, non-digital games, writings, images and other things in artistic, academic and community contexts.

As part of his residency you are invited to join us at the Siobhan Davies Studios for events associated to his practice and an opportunity to be involved in the making process. 

Open Choreography Evening: Talking about Consent in Participatory Performance
Thurs 7 Sept

As part of his Open Choreography residency, Hamish MacPherson brings to Siobhan Davies Studios a semi-regular meetup for anyone concerned with consent in participatory performance, larps, workshops and rehearsals.

The meet up is facilitated by Hamish MacPherson and Sarah Jury and operates as a space for attendees to own it and use as they wish.

The group deals with questions such as: How does an audience member consent to participate? Are the terms of participation calibrated collectively? Can audiences and participants give informed consent and exercise their autonomy? What kind of power structures are being produced when makers overlook these questions?

Meetings might involve sharing techniques and case studies, testing or discussing work in progress, producing and sharing resources, and talking about principles. They are a mixture of pre-arranged items and open discussion

The meet up is organised by Hamish MacPherson and Sarah Jury and originated at Res

Please email if you want to come or if you would like to know more. 

Public Workshop 
Sunday 10 September
10am–1pm & 2–5pm

Hamish MacPherson invites you to join him as he continues his residency with two public workshops. Focussing on the passive body, participants will work together to develop practices and performances of care. Materials and ideas will build across the morning and afternoon workshops but they also stand alone. You can attend either or both sessions.  

Please email if you want to come or if you would like to know more.