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Side by Side at Siobhan Davies Studios
16 Jul – 3 Aug 2012

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Side by Side is a residency project devised by Siobhan Davies Dance that has grown out of a continuing enquiry into the dialogues between different mediums. It follows on from two projects in 2008: Conversations Around Choreography and Conversations Around Making.

Working in partnership with the Crafts Study Centre in Farnham, dance artist Laila Diallo and craft artist Helen Carnac have been invited to work side by side in the same studio.

They will spend 3 weeks at the Crafts Study Centre (11 to 29 June) and 3 weeks at Siobhan Davies Studios (16 July to 3 August).

The two artists have been asked to consider a series of questions that stem from the processes behind and leading to making. They have been asked to investigate the journey towards making, which may result in the presentation of a final piece at a later date.

By placing the artists in two different studio environments, they will have the opportunity to interact with the two communities of dance and craft. 

The artists will document the residency with images, text, audio and film using a specially designed blog, which will be hosted by Siobhan Davies Dance. Available to view by the public and visitors to the blog can submit questions to the two artists for them to respond to.

Visit the Side by Side website HERE

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