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Fri 6 Dec 2019

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Extend it - Sculpting Space
Thu 31 Jan 2013

Siobhan Davies Studios

Using sculpture - its form, position as well as process and materials used to make it, this workshop provided participants with a toolkit of methods create dance from and to teach any subject in EYFS - KS2 creatively through dance.

Dance artist Marie Forbes used Guiseppe Penone’s sculpture Spazio Di Light as the starting point.  Participants generated movement based on the sculpture and the way it was made and with Marie's support developed their ideas into a choreographed dance. Supported by a resource pack teachers left with ideas and an approach to lead their classes' exploration of movement.

‘Great day and atmosphere, good chat with others and lots of new ideas to raise the bar with my students.’ Teacher, School 21, Newham

‘This is my second course here and I am leaving inspired and full of ideas!’ Teacher, Belleville Primary School, Wandsworth

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