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Fri 6 Dec 2019

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Extend it – Making Imprints
14 Jan – 26 Apr 2013

Institute of Education

Using art tools as the starting point for movement this workshop uses 3 different approaches to create movement with contrasting dynamics.

Footprints: Participants look at how to create dance from different footprints; human and animal.  A fun, play-based session for people teaching children at Early Years / Foundation Stage.   

Swish and Stamp: Participants experiment with paintbrushes and ink stamps to explore different qualities of movement and create a duet.  Ideal for KS1 teachers, but can also be adapted for KS2.   

Clay Box: Participants make imprints into different materials to see how they affect the quality of movement we create as solo, duet and small group dances.  Ideal for KS2 teachers, but also adaptable for KS1. 

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