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Fri 24 May 2019

Studios open 10am–8pm

material / rearranged / to / be Workshops
Sun 9 Apr 2017, 10am–5.30pm

Siobhan Davies Studios
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Join us to explore Siobhan Davies Dance's latest work, material / rearranged / to / be, through a day of practical tasks and activities at Siobhan Davies Studios. 

Workshops are led by choreographers Siobhan Davies, Helka Kaski, Matthias Sperling, Emma Smith, Charlie Morrissey, Andrea Buckley and Efrosini Protopapa.

Open to all levels, you can book a place for a half day or full day of workshops.

Workshops include:

Siobhan Davies & Helka Kaski-Figuring 

Siobhan & Helka share their process for creating Figuring,a duet of gestures drawn from imagery of the human body within the Warburg collection.

Matthias Sperling-Loop Atlas

Work with Matthias to try out his choreographic task ‘Looping’; an ongoing process of rhythmically repeating a movement, while allowing the shape of the movement to change ever so slightly with each iteration, gradually evolving into something quite different from its previous form.

Andrea Buckley-In Tension

Andrea's session invites us to look within the landscape of our bodies. Working with the sense of touch and through guided instructions this workshop will awaken participants' senses ready to explore our perception of ourselves and others, in relation to the surrounding space.

Emma Smith-I+I: Variations on Alteroceptions

Emma Smith will open up the thinking behind her work through this action research workshop to explore the possibility of feeling through someone else's body. Sharing examples from current scientific research, as well as practical experiments from her own work, participants are invited to work together to consider this potential.

Efrosini Protopapa-Disputatio (I, II, III.)

Work with Efrosini to explore the imaginative potential of images through playful improvisation tasks using body posture, movement and spoken word.

Charlie Morrissey-Actions from the Encyclopaedia of Experience

Charlie has created a taxonomy of real and imagined actions. Using these actions as a starting point, we will investigate different ways in which the body imagines and makes things manifest through movement. 

To Book:

Full Day of Workshops £30 (10.15am-5.30pm, 5 workshops)

Morning Half Day of Workshops £15 (10.15am-1pm, 2 workshops)

Afternoon Half Day of Workshops £20 (1.15pm-5.30pm, 3 workshops)

Booking via this link.

To ask a question or for more information call our reception desk on 02070919650



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