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A Solo in the Doldrums

*Doldrums - an equatorial region of the Atlantic Ocean noted for calm periods when the winds disappear altogether, or are light and shifting. Because of the unpredictable weather patterns, the Doldrums became notorious with sailors because this region's periods of deadly calm could trap ships for days or weeks on end as they waited for enough wind to power their sails.

Doldrum* is a custom-made snare drum with an inbuilt speaker playing inaudible sounds. These low frequency sounds influence the drum skin and urge the drumsticks' response to the vibrations. Responding to her invitation I invited Siobhan Davies back to conceive an act that she solely performed in the presence of an exclusive beholder: a microphone that closely recorded her movements in the gallery's space. The recorded sounds are altered and their pitch modulated into inaudible frequencies. Siobhan Davies' performance will never be seen or heard, only the sounds of the drumsticks playing to the sound-traces that her dance diffused in the space. Doldrum becomes a sort of a visual speaker that brings into being a new choreography of movement. While we won't hear what the drumsticks “hear,” we will see their reply and listen to their response.

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