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“I don’t know what the relationship between text and dance is, or speaking and dancing, how they can aid or confound each other.  Perhaps because the process of arriving at a movement is very different to that of a ‘play’.  It feels like text and dance are not natural friends.  If the two things hate each other, then I am gladly drawn into their squabble.  In my first encounter with dance, I have tried to create two texts that explore the experience of witnessing dancers discuss, undo, redo and arrive at a physical score.  Having never heard people actually talk about dance before, being privy to the dancers’ dialogue was a way into their world, and the starting point for creating something new.” E V Crowe

Performed by: Andrea Buckley, Lindsey Butcher, Annie Pui Ling Lok, Charlie Morrissey
Directed by: Ramin Gray

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