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In the summer 2008 Siobhan Davies Dance worked in two Southwark primary schools to deliver a six week dance project supported by Creative Partnerships.

The schools were part of the Enquiry Programme of Creative Partnerships that addresses the needs of the individual school through an enquiry question.

Siobhan Davies Dance drew on the Primary Bank project for the method of delivery. Both projects had a strong focus on developing the class teacher's understanding and confidence in dance to enable them to continue delivering dance sessions after the project ended with a cross curricular approach.

Siobhan Davies Dance worked with each class to explore patterns found in the world around us. Dance material was created using a variety of stimulus, from spirals in seashells to diamond patterns in the school fence. We looked at how patterns in nature compare to the patterns in the built environment around us and explored how this made us move differently.

The dance sessions at Charles Dickens school connected to their study of India. Patterns and textures found in Indian textiles and Rangoli designs were used to create movement. The textures and weight of different textiles helped the pupils to find different ways of moving such as smooth, rough, bumpy, stiff, slippery and soft.

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‘I enjoyed watching other children because it gave me lots of new ideas.’ Year 3 Cobourg Primary Creative Projects participant

‘I enjoyed inventing new things, just like we invent things in art.
Year 3 Cobourg Primary Creative Projects participant

‘I'd never seen dance like this before. I really enjoyed doing it.’ Year 3 Cobourg Primary Creative Projects participant

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