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Extend it

We devise and deliver Professional Development Workshops for primary teachers, teacher training courses and dance artists working in schools. 

Through these practical workshops participants experience adaptable methods and processes to use movement in their teaching bringing subjects alive and creativity into learning.

Teachers leave our workshops equipped with the skills to:

  • support their pupils with opportunities to learn through moving
  • develop their pupils’ physical skills and awareness including their quality of movement
  • expand their pupils’ vocabulary, ability to express their thoughts and observations, and develop their questioning, listening and critical thinking skills
  • enable their pupils to discover new ways of communicating together, negotiating tasks and learning how to lead and be led
  • make their own discoveries, as there is no right or wrong response.

Teachers come away with a toolkit of approaches supported by a detailed resource pack they can utilise to teach any subject or topic at primary school. 

We deliver Extend it workshops to all trainee Primary Teachers at the Institute of Education.

These workshops are also available as Inset days and as workshops run at our studios.

Our Extend it workshops include:

  • Sensing Sculpture
  • Moving Nature- Movement & Science
  • Position, Shape & Angles- Movement & Maths
  • Moving Nature- Movement & English
  • Sculpting Space
  • Making Imprints
  • Olympics
  • London Landmarks

To find out more or book a workshop contact Laura Aldridge, Project Coordinator: creativeprojects@siobhandavies.com


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