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Footfall was a special event at Siobhan Davies Studios for Big Dance 2012.

Footfall brought together the following commissions and projects as part of our programme for the festival:

Walking Piece – Durational Performance
Walking Piece is an installation performance by Matthias Sperling featuring a diverse group of performers who create a single-file loop that continuously circumnavigates Siobhan Davies Studios. Audience members were invited to travel along, around and among the performers’ circular route in their own time. Meeting points and shared journeys between performers and audience continually shift as you encounter each performer’s unique way of navigating the loop.  
Walker – Film screenings
Walker is an innovative and playful short film by dance film artists Straybird. How often do you consider something you do every day? Since walking is second nature it’s easy to forget the extraordinary sequence of coordination needed to put one foot in front of another. The film constructs one long walk from the footfalls of 65 south London residents, giving a glimpse of how unique each individual’s walk is.     

Just Wandering – A conversation between artists
A talk by a variety of artists who have explored the topic of walking. Siobhan Davies, David Hinton, Matthias Sperling and Straybird shared the results of their explorations, and engaged in a discussion around the importance of this action on a human and artistic level.     Hosted by Tamara Tomic-Vyagic - Dance Lecturer at Roehampton University.     

The Protocol Project – Interactive installation
A collaboration between dance artist Sian Goldby and composer Sandy Dobson. Movement, sound and visuals are merged to create a constantly evolving reactive space.  A performance piece was repeated at several points throughout the day, and in between visitors were invited to explore the interactive installation through their own movement.   
The Mechanics of Walking - Audio
Download an audio walk by scientist Dr Jim Usherwood who leads you through the mechanics of walking, with an introduction by Alex Murphy from Siobhan Davies Dance.  Download: The Mechanics of Walking (MP3)  

The Compass Rose – Participatory activity
A participatory event developed specifically for Footfall by live artist Laura-Kate Jennings and artist and graphic designer Daniel Jennings.  Visitors were invited to create their own personalised navigational tool that leads them on a journey to the place they once called home.  Follow an itinerary to create and build a travel log that, once finished, becomes a tool to explore a remembered landscape. 

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