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Primary School Programme

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We take the choreographic processes employed by Siobhan Davies and our associate artists and craft them into accessible engaging approaches for working with children and supporting their learning across the curriculum.

Starting with a simple idea or stimulus we support participants - school children or teachers - to create movement by observing, listening, touching and experiencing.  There are no taught steps.  Through choreographic tools participants learn adaptable approaches to develop and structure movement and connect their learning to school subjects and beyond.

Extend It is our programme of Teacher Professional Development workshops.

Experience It is our programme of projects delivered directly to and with students in schools.


‘It was honestly one of the best CPD experiences I have ever had in 10 years of teaching.’ Teacher, Birchfields Primary School, Manchester

‘Thank you for this wonderful series of workshops which have introduced me to choreography and movement based projects. The children at my school have loved the workshops I have run with them following these training days. Learning about and through dance has brought the curriculum alive for both the children and teachers and continues to inspire many new projects.’ Jules Christie, Teacher at West Oxford Primary School

Past Events

Lab Learn: Mark Making and Movement (Lambeth Community Programme), Wed 9 May 2018, Thu 10 May 2018
Dance CPD Workshop for Primary School Teachers , Tue 18 Apr 2017
Extend It - The Thinking Body at The Barbican, Tue 24 Jan 2017
Experience it - The Thinking Body, 1 Jan – 31 Mar 2017
Experience it - material / rearranged / to / be, 1 Sep 2016 – 31 Jul 2017
Big Dance 2016 City Hall Take Over Day, Mon 4 Jul 2016
Experience it - The Act of Doing, 11 Jan – 11 Jul 2016
Extend it — Sensing Sculpture, 30 Oct 2015 – 16 Feb 2016
Experience it — Capturing Movement, 6 Jan – 13 Jul 2015
Extend it - Moving Descriptions, Thu 27 Nov 2014
Extend it - Position, Shape & Angles, Tue 11 Nov 2014
Extend it - Moving Nature, Tue 21 Oct 2014
Experience It - Growing Seasons Performance, Tue 8 Jul 2014
Experience it – Growing Seasons, 14 Mar – 18 Jul 2014
Extend it – Movement & Core Subjects, 7 Feb – 20 Jun 2014
Experience it - Take One Picture, 4 Sep – 5 Dec 2013
Extend it - Take One Picture, Wed 12 Jun 2013
Extend it - Sculpting Space, Thu 6 Jun 2013
Extend it - Sculpting Space, Thu 31 Jan 2013

Current Projects