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Side By Side

For six weeks in the summer of 2012, we invited two artists to investigate the act and process of making, by working together as part of a residency programme.

It was initiated by the insatiably curious Siobhan Davies and developed in partnership with the Crafts Study Centre, the artists and Programme Manager, Alison Proctor at Siobhan Davies Dance.

The project has grown out of continued enquiry into dialogues between dance and other art forms which Siobhan Davies Dance has been championing since 2008. This project is research into how art forms can grow and evolve, and is also an initiative directly supporting two artists in their journey as makers.

Please visit our website exploring our investigating the act and process of making in an unorthodox collaboration between dance artist Laila Diallo and visual artist Helen Carnac.

Past Events

Side by Side Talk, Tue 24 Jul 2012
Side by Side at Siobhan Davies Studios, 16 Jul – 3 Aug 2012
Side by Side at Crafts Study Centre, 11–29 Jun 2012

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