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Still Moving

Still Moving was a photography course run annually at Siobhan Davies Dance, aimed at professional and amateur photographers who want to learn new techniques or refine their skills.

Led by established dance photographer Pari Naderi,  the course aimed to support photographers in finding their own approach to capturing movement.  Through tasks, activities and visits, they are encouraged to notice and frame both artistic and everyday movement, and observe the moving body in different environments.

In 2013 Still Moving participants responded to the techniques and themes of All This Can Happen a film by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton.

We challenged Still Moving photographers to employ different techniques and approaches, used in the film, to capture movement on camera.  Through sequences, collages and juxtaposition the photographers used composition to create movement.  Their images represent the action of movement and the photographer’s observations and response to it.  You can buy a book of the images captured by participants here.

Still Moving also ran in 2010 and 2012 as part of Big Dance, and culminated in an exhibition in City Hall cafe throughout Big Dance week.

For more information contact Laura Aldridge, Learning & Participation Producer:

‘Another few fabulous weeks to self-indulgence! Also it was stimulating having a project to focus on, it made me think in different ways about my photos and how I might approach things in the future, and see how others also do this.’ Participant

Past Events

Still Moving Photography Course, 15–20 Jul 2015


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