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Two Quartets

Created in 2007, Two Quartets, is a production in two parts featuring eight of the UK's finest dance artists. 

Two Quartets is a single work comprising two quartets.  These were made to be seen as one work and they were created at exactly the same time and both comprise a commissioned score by Matteo Fargion. Davies also collaborated with the fashion designer,  Jonathan Saunders, for the first time.

In the first quartet the dancers worked very closely together. They hardly leave each other's side as they describe a continuous circle,  demonstrating the radius or points on the circumference. Each dancer needs to change gear as they shift positions,  altering their speed and alignment to the others. The main movement language is derived from walking,  running,  tripping,  turning with an occasional 'other' action projecting out of the more pedestrian moves.

The second quartet is the inverse of the first. Each dancer works separately,  performing in their own time and space. Davies asked that three of the performers face mainly forward and the fourth traverses the space. Each show,  through movement,  shifting layers of thought,  slivers of memories,  senses and instructions that can run concurrently in any one person's mind; to build up moments of character.

‘Made from collaborative work in the studio with her dancers, the quartets contrast one with another, resonate and, indeed, define each other by their very differences.’ Clement Crisp, Financial Times

Past Events

Two Quartets at Belfast Festival , Sat 20 Oct 2007
Two Quartets at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre , Wed 17 Oct 2007
Two Quartets at The Sherman Theatre, Sat 13 Oct 2007
Two Quartets at The Southbank Centre , 4–6 Oct 2007
Two Quartets at The Point, Eastleigh, 25–26 Sep 2007
Two Quartets at The Oxford Playhouse , 6–7 Jul 2007
Two Quartets at Cambridge Arts Centre, 28–30 Jun 2007

Works in Two Quartets