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Sat 28 Nov 2020

Studios open 10am–8pm

Walking Piece

Walking Piece is an installation performance featuring a diverse group of performers aged 20 to 64, who create a single-file loop that physically circumnavigates Siobhan Davies Studios.

Siobhan Davies Dance commissioned Matthias Sperling to create a new piece for Big Dance 2012.  From simple playful tasks, each performer engages in an intricate negotiation with the space, with the audience and with themselves, noticing their surroundings as they navigate the loop. This is an invitation to notice, to look, to exchange.

Performers worked closely with choreographer Matthias Sperling to input their ideas in the creative development of the work. As each performer brought the work into being along the route, each of them was their own walking piece.

Rachel Gildea is a Surrey University student who completed a thirty week placement with Siobhan Davies Dance in 2011-2012. As part of her placement project, Rachel documented the creative process of Walking Piece. To read Rachel's blog, Just Wandering click here   

‘It’s a truly amazing experience you provided for us. I know we also provided our time and energy, but it’s true to say we got an awful lot out of the project.’

‘It has really opened up what I believe dance should be about.’

‘My initial expectations were that it would be hard work but fun, challenging and rewarding – I was not disappointed!’ Participant feeback


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